Chemical Engineering

Welcome and congratulations for your acceptance to Imperial College London. You have made a brilliant choice to study Chemical Engineering at Imperial, one of top universities in the world. Aside from its academic excellence, the Chemical Engineering department is also known to be one of the coolest departments in Imperial.

The Chemical Engineering society will be here to ensure that your life as a Chem Enger in Imperial is anything but dull. We are one of the most active engineering societies and we organise events all year from partygoers (as in real party, not library party) to the athletes. In the past, we have organised a couple of cocktail parties, which offer booze at a price so cheap that you will not believe that you are in Central London.

Some of the best part of your life in Chem Eng also include the Chem Eng show, where students and lecturers (yes, LECTURERS) show off their talents to win the best performance of the night, and there is also the Frank Morton sports day, where Chem Engers from all over England compete to be champion. Believe it or not, you won’t know until you experience it yourself! Have a fun-filled year ahead and hope to see you in our events!

May I reassure you that the ChemEngSoc has become bigger and better than ever, and this year we have a very dedicated and motivated committed. Therefore I strongly encourage you to be part of our ongoing success.