Francois Okorafor President

Imperial College Bioengineering Society (ICBS) champions the social and professional welfare of Biomedical Engineering students. Established for over a decade and as one of the most active departmental societies, we have 200 members and welcome Bioengineers and like minded students to take advantage of our activities this year.
Thanks to our various benefactors we are able to offer quite a broad array of opportunities. In the autumn term the society will be holding a number of insight events such as a recruitment fair, multiple seminars and other initiatives.

Saadiq-mohamed Moledina Dep Rep

Spring semester will offer a variety of leisure opportunities catering to a wide range of interests. Other than that, the society will organise wide, fun and well deserved opportunities for hard-working Bioengineers to take a break from their books.
Take advantage of y our identity as a Bioengineer or Imperial student and become involved in the Bioengineering Society. Please visit our freshers’ fair stall or go online to find out more.
Finally, welcome to Imperial and I am sure you will love it!