Daniel Cowen President

Welcome, Aero freshers! I’m Dan and together with my committee (there are eight of us in total), I will be organising events for yourselves and the whole department for the coming year, as well as liaising with staff in order to improve the academic experience of everyone in the Aeronautics department.

We already have plans in the works for formal dinners and informal socials, bar nights, football tournaments, poker nights and more. Of course the traditional ‘Who can eat the most Pizza Hut?’ competition will be making an appearance, along with plenty of other events to keep your busy uni lives even busier. Plenty of events will be run on demand, so if you guys want bowling or a trip to the south of France, come to us and we’ll try and sort it.

Fred Miller Dep Rep

We’ll also help organise trips to sites of engineering interest, as well as acting on your behalf in academic matters. You’ll find us on the Facebook group and on the website, so come and say hello.
We look forward to seeing you in October, Dan, Fred, Hisham, Andra, Nikhil, Adam, Ter es h & Sam.

Football Day, Aeronautical Eng Society