C&G Week 2016

From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th February our interdepartmental competition is taking place on Queen's Lawn every lunchtime.

C&G Week is our annual interdepartmental competition where we find which discipline of engineering is truly the best! This year it will take place between Monday 22nd to Friday 26th February and is proudly being sponsored by Shell.

The event is open to all members of Imperial College London. Engineers have the bonus of being able to score points for their departments and the chance to win daily prizes. The points from each day contribute to a running total where the winning department will win a bar night for its members!

Monday 22nd February

Three Legged Race

Tuesday 23rd February

Helicopter Race [CGCB Foyer]

Thursday 25th February

Nerf Gun Shooting Range

Friday 26th February

Oculus Rift Building Challenge [CGCB Foyer]

Tuesday 10th March

Celebratory union bar night

City and Guilds College Association

The CGCA has a special affinity with the Imperial Engineering faculty and all their past and present students and staff.

We work closely with the CGCA to bring you the wealth of expertise they possess with over 4,000 members all over the world, working in engineering, finance, commerce, and government. The CGCA website has more information.

Email: guilds
Facebook: CGCU 2015-16
If you have worries on your course, you can speak to the CGCU welfare officer or the CGCU Academic Affairs Officer.